ibip Japan kk is a Tokyo-based specialist patent and technical translation company. We started business in 2006, registered as a limited company (kk) in 2012, and currently cover all main fields of mechanical and electrical patents.

We use only in-house translators with both native level English and expertise relevant to the jobs we undertake, to produce high quality, lucid translations. As well as facilitating communication with our clients, our use of in-house translation staff allows us to be flexible enough to handle even the most urgent of jobs, without compromising on quality. Our translators are further aided by a thorough system of proof reading and native English checking, and the application of bespoke quality-control software to ensure that a consistently high level of standard is maintained, and the particular needs of each client are met.

At ibip Japan kk we continually strive to enhance staff skills and translation quality, to produce technically accurate translations that meet the needs of each client.

To request a quote, or to find out how ibip can meet your needs, please contact us via the contact page. Find out more about us by using the menu on the left.

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