ibip Japan kk specializes in Japanese to English translation of patent specifications, documents related to the patent application process, and other technical documents.

Languages Translated
Japanese to English

We use only in-house translators who have both native level English, and the expertise relevant to the jobs we undertake, to produce high quality, lucid translations. Our translators are further aided by a thorough system of proof reading and native English checking.

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Fields Handled
The main fields currently handled are as below

The number of cases we undertake annually for our largest client (one of the leading Japanese intellectual property law firms) has consistently increased since 2007, surpassing 280 patent specification translations in FY 2015, totaling approximately 2.75 million words.

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Below is an overview of the work we do, and describes how we ensure a high level of quality in each field.

Overview of Handled Fields

Our largest translation area is mechanical and electrical patent specifications.

pie chart
pie chart

Mechanical and Electrical

Our largest translation area is mechanical and electrical patent specifications. Our translators are experienced at translating a wide range of subject matter, from industrial and construction related patent specifications, to patent specifications related to automotive components and structure (see below), consumer electronic devices, semiconductor circuits, hand-held electronics, motors, medical electronics, and battery regulation systems. Our chief translator of mechanical and electrical patent specifications has an MA in Natural Sciences and Engineering from Cambridge University, and has translated over 700 mechanical and electrical patent specifications.


Automotive patent translation is a long-established and ever-expanding part of the mechanical and electrical business of ibip Japan. We handle a wide variety of automobile related work, covering vehicle components and devices, such as airbags, seatbelts, mirrors etc., vehicle structural components, on-board electronic devices and driving aids, and tires, to name but a few.

We employ translators with several years of experience in technical translation pertaining to automobile technology, including a translator with experience as an in-house translator for a leading Japanese automobile manufacturer.

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Our translators are experienced in dealing with technical documents relating to software and software development. Recent work undertaken in this field is related to a range of technologies such as communication protocols, and video compression standards.

Our computing and software expertise has also been applied to documentation concerning applications such as medical imaging and diagnosis, driver aids, digital image processing, streaming media, and cloud computing, with other work involving software development processes, debugging procedures, and compilation processes.